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I'm almost 4 days post op and I've been sleeping on my back every night.  For some reason I thought it was necessary, is it?

It sucks, but I'm afraid of sleeping on stomach or side thinking I might roll over and just bruise up the area.


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I was told to sleep on my back for at least a few weeks.  It was annoying at first since I usually sleep on my stomach, but i got used to it.  I am about 2 1/2 weeks post op and I have slept on my side some the last couple of days.  I think it would be too painful/uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach soon after surgery anyway.

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I'm a few days post op as well. I've had no problem sleeping on my back, but this is prolly because I've been taking my hydrocodone right before bed. Just trying to beat the pain before I feel it - hahaha
Here's my doc's web page:

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I was told that i could sleep on my side right away if it didn't hurt to much. I waited about 5 days before sleeping on the side tho, don't think it has affected the healing.

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sleeping on your back is to ensure you keep the chest elevated for optimal blood circulation. Sleeping on your side or stomach is impossible for this. I was told 4 weeks of elevated sleep.

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I was told 2 weeks of sleeping on my back post-op.

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I was told to fee free to sleep on my stomach and have done so since the procedure, the nurse said it is actually good since it is adding compression to my chest.  I must say I agree at day 3 everything seemed to be pretty well adheared with no fluid or loose skin that some people describe.  I prop two pillows by each arm/sholder and chest to keep some pressure off the zipper of my compression garment.  I havent noticed any problems at all.  I was told however not to sleep on my side.


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