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I'm about one month post-op, and I'm continuing to heal well. My skin has tightened up significantly: when I look in the mirror, my lower chest (which would have previously been stretched from my glands) appears to have the same taut appearance as the rest of my skin. It's only when I flex my pectorals while hunching over where I can observe the surgical area to in-fact have slightly looser skin than the rest of my body (it folds onto itself).

So, I ask any of you out there who may be experiencing this: what types of skin topicals have you used to assist in skin tightening? Are there any products that you feel have helped your recovery?

Any help or suggestions would be fantastic! Thanks!


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I am one month post op at the moment, and seem to have the exact same problem as you.

Were you able to redress your problem? Do let me know. Thnks


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