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Hello All,
on September 2 I had my gyno surgery, there was not much pain. On September 9 I had my first massage as per my doctor. after my massage I started to develop scar tissue under my nip. Now I am 14 days into my surgery and both my breast have scar tissues, what should I do to get rid of my scar tissues? Please help.



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give it time can be a few months, dont think about it next thing you know it will be gone

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I am also dealing with scar tissue in the location of where I had my drain.

Yesterday one month after having the drain removed I had my follow up consult and was told by my doctor that I would have to come in to have my scar tissue cut out!

So in my case waiting wasn't an option and only your doctor can be the judge if something should be done now or later......

Whatever you decide/decided let us know how it went/goes and I wish you the Best!


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