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hey people.  my surgery is this friday. it still hasnt hit me yet, ive been waiting a long time for this. i am very excited. my question is how long do you sit in the recovery room after the surgery? is it up to the patient whenever he feels better, or is it up to the nurse or something? iam wondering if hospitals have policies or something where you have to stay a certain amount of time just for precaution. thanks.


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Individual facilities probably have their own policies.  In my case they asked me if I felt like I could walk to the car.  When I said "yes" they told my wife to bring the car around to the door.   Don't worry about time though.  It doesn't exist on that day.  :)

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It normally on hospitals. They don't want to keep you overnight. Normally, they keep you 3-4 hours in recovery room and let you go.

I had mine done at arround 11.30Am and I was out of hospital at arround 5pm. Actually they asked me at 3.30pm but that time I was not fully recovered from efects. So stay extra hour.
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I was in the recovery room for about 20 minutes after I woke up.

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I was so out of it in the recovery room. I kept wanting to fall back asleep.  When I saw the nurse coming the 2nd time, I asked her if I could go home so I can relax and she said yes.  I dont even remember too much about being in the recovery room.

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I did my surgery (at 12.00h) in a private hospital so after I've been at the recovery room ( at about 30 min after I wake up) I went to my bedroom at the plastic surgery infirmary.
I rested there until 10h pm (at that time they gave me some medicines to pain and I was taking physiological saline).
At about 9h pm I ate something and at 10h pm I went home.



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