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Hey there.. I had surgery almost 2 weeks ago on my chest.  The doctor that performed surgery (Lipo.. no Gynecomastia.. just fat), used a technique that made "tunnels" in my chest in order to keep from tearing nerves and prevent drainage or some garble like that.  It made sense at the time.. and he even told me that after the surgery was over, I wouldnt see any results right away. 

Sure enough, my chest looks pretty much the same as it did before surgery... maybe just a little better. as a little of the swelling has gone down.  Doc says that it'll take about 6 months to a year for everything to collapse and look normal.  I saw him last Thursday, almost a week after surgery and he said everything was looking great. 

Will everything really collapse in 6 months time?  I know he said that i'd be worried like I am... but has anyone else heard of the "tunneling" technique?  When I press on my chest I can feel swollen tissue... alot of it.  But it seems like I can kinda push it down like I could the fat... Does that sound right?  My bruising looks almost 100% better, btw.

Any doctors that could reply would be greatly be appreciated!  Any reply would be appreciated for that matter.  I dont have any pictures at this moment.. but if they were really needed I could get some. 


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