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Hi guys,
I'm 26 y/o, 5'11, 163 lbs, had gynecomastia ever since early puberty.
Hormonal tests all came back fine.
I had liposuction + excision done 3 weeks ago. I used a compression garment for 2 weeks, as my surgeon said I should.

Overall there's an improvement in the appearance of the chest,
however there is some puffiness of the areolas. It's not as bad as before the surgery, but it's still bothering me. One side was worse before the surgery, and on that side the puffiness is also more noticeable now. The puffiness came back after I stopped wearing the garment. It looks like there's just excess skin of the areola/nipple.
My plastic surgeon hasn't seen it yet, but he did make a general comment last time that I should expect shrinkage over the weeks/months to come.

Assuming that he took out the right amount of gland and fat - Is this normal? Should I expect an improvement over time? If so, how much time does it usually take for the areolas to shrink and tighten? Could it be swelling that's causing the puffiness? How common is this problem that I'm having?

If it's caused by glandular tissue that was left behind - Is revision surgery the only way to fix it? I would definitely do everything to avoid general anaesthesia.

I would really appreciate any information.


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Hows this coming along?

I'm 5.5 weeks and still have localized swelling on one side...just under the nipple. The other side is perfect.


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