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Hey guys, Im posting from Australia.... i was diganosed with gyno at age 14 had my operation at 15 and now im 19...

The operation went well... no major swelling pain what so ever... I do have a larger right brest which the doctor wont fix because he said i should be more worried about my stomach area which is crazy im not even that fat, I weigh 80kgs and stand at 5'9 and its nothing.......... My operation was public funded so it was free... I definatley need more surgery to fix my right brest up. But with all this chest pain and whatnot ive copped after the operation i dont think its worth it... Id rather just not take my top off anymore....

But my MAIN concern is.... My left nipple has quite a weird feeling... it feels like it has a "KNOT" sensation in it ... I CONSTANTLY have to rub and push it to subdue the pain and weird feeling that i experience... I didnt get 100% feeling back in my chest ethier... Im not sure whether its side affects after the operation or something completely different.... ive had ECG scans on my heart, lung scans.... acupuncture but it just wont go away!!!

 ??? ??? ???


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Sounds terrible, I hope it will be reminder to others here that "free" is not always "free" and sometimes can be worse than paying lots of money for a skilled gynecomastia surgeon to do it right.

It sounds like you have already seen a doctor about your left nipple, I'm not sure anyone here would be any more qualified to tell you what's wrong and a doctor who has actually examined you and have run tests, don't you think?  Your only option is to go see another doctor until one can figure it out.   As for the cost/benefit of having surgery on the other breast, I can tell you that mine went very smoothly, I had very little pain and discomfort and was definitely worth it.  You just need to find an expert, you can't just go with anyone for this type of thing, as you have figured out the hard way. 


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