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hello again my friends. I had done the surgery for gyne this tuesday. i didnt felt anything a soon as they put me the anesthetic i felt asleep and i woke up in my hospital bed right away after the surgery. i had no pain at all the days after. I dont know why ( but thank god ) i had no blood or liquids come out from the wound . when i took the vest off on the next day ( wednesday) i have seen that on the bandages there was no many blood or liquid whatever . i took the bandages off i put on the water proof stickers on and the following day that i had a shower and changed the waterproof bandages i discovered that the water proof stickers were so clean . No yellow (brusing) on my chest no nothing and the scars well i cant see them ( very tine scar under the niple). i take arnica peels however i drink lots of water 2 litres per day eat vegs and fruits and i had long walks since i went for shoping the following 2 days after the op. The only thing that i am concerned now 5days after the op is a little brusing ? in the area between the uper chest and the arm but i guess is from brusing ? but as i told you above no yellowness is there from brusing if youget me. TO be honest i think the wounds are closed since no liquid is comming off . I wear still the vest on  but i took of any bandages because i am paranoid that they will shape my niples in a bbad shape. What do you reccomend me ? i will ask tommorow the nurse or the doc but i would be glad if you have some tips for me? shall i still have the stickers on even though no fluid is comming off? I am a badly smoker i used to smoke 2 packets a day . I cut it off 3 days pre op and continued no smoking until 4 days post op . Now 6 days post op i smoke lets say 10 cigs and maybe a spliff ( when i am with some friends that smoke that shit ) . Is that bad ?

I want and i will upload some pics for you guys and a tip from me is that money is nothing you will do it one day so whats the reason to wait ? i have waited for 10 years and i feel like a twat because i missed so many good things. U get me. Make this happen my friends and you will get your confidence back and u will be URSELFS again.

I would appreciate it if you can comment of this and tell me what do you think about this quesstions i have



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About smoking - someone just asked this the other day.

You shouldnt smoke as it affects the blood vessels from healing.


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