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I'm 27 years old, 6'2", 180lbs, and in shape.  I recently got surgery done about 2 months ago and right nipple is still puffy.   Feels like I just blew 3 grand on something that didn't help.   I asked the surgeon about it and he said it should go down a little bit over time.  I have doubts though...  He told me cut the gland as thin as possible without completely removing it.  Which he said would cause a crater.

Was wondering if I kept wearing the compression vest constantly and use skin firming lotion if that would help??

 I'm pretty pissed at the moment and feel like to get the results I want I would have go through surgery again.  But don't know if want to spend that kind of money again when it feels like I already flushed alot down the drain


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i'm pretty sure one of the docs can explain better, but 2 months is too early to see the final results. minimum of 6 months is what i heard repeatedly on this forum that you need to wait to even start thinking about the revision.
good luck!


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