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 Hey folks , nice to find this board ! Eight days ago I had liposuction only on my left nipple . The surgery was performed by Dr Fielding at St Joseph's in Toronto , Ontario . I kept the garment on for 5 days until it drove me nuts with the itching . For the first 48 hours my nipple area looked noticeably better than it had prior to the procedure . In the last two days it has swelled some and looks just as it had previously . Dr Fielding did mention that it may take 3 months to be totally satisfied with the results so I'm not panicking by any means . My only concern is that from reading some other cases herein I have noticed many saying they have had to have a revision at some point . This was never mentioned by Dr Fielding . I am HOPING this is because I had an excision of the gyno over 10 years ago which , although somewhat effective in reducing the size of the anomaly , did not catch the remaining fatty tissue . I am guessing that the previous excision is why he chose to proceed with lipo only . If this is the case , would it be likely that I would not need a revision ? Are revisions more common after an excision ? Is the operation that I just had , in effect , a long awaited revision ?
 I was told not to get back into weight lifting for 3 weeks if I could stand it . After some protesting I was told I could do some arms and legs in week 2 and hit the chest after 3 full weeks off . Does this sound about right ? How will training affect my long term results ?
 One more question that needs a little background info/clarification . I am convinced that my gyno on the left side was induced by anabolic steroid use . When I had the excision done in 1996 the surgeon said there was no doubt that this was the cause and I couldn't agree more . After I had that excision and wasn't happy with the results the surgeon said it was because my left pec was "fuller" than the right  , which I never bought because there was simply no fat around the right (unaffected) nipple . Whenever I would drop bf% over the last 11 years the left side fat would be more pronounced so screw that 'fullness' theory . This brings us to the present . Upon my initial examination with Dr Fielding I mentioned that I thought the remaining fat was left over from a less than successful prior procedure and in effect what I had remaing was from my past steroid use . He flat out said that the gyno I had when I saw him was NOT caused by anabolic steroid use !? He said he had seen hundreds of cases of anabolic induced gyno and my condition did not full under that type ? I don't doubt his expertise but WTF is he referring to  ?
 Oh yeah , it appeared as though he managed to suck out about a medium coffee's worth of goo .
Thanks for the replies in advance . 



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