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Hey everyone,

I've been away from this forum, for nearly a year. I read many success stories, and before my surgery, I was incredibly optimistic. After reading several stories of botched surgeries, unhappy patients, and general dissatisfaction, I began to become worried.

Unfortunately, I feel that my worries were completely justified. One year later, after my surgery, I can say that I am not completely happy with my results.

I tried everything that I could to reduce the swelling, and the scar tissue, and anything that all of the incredible members here have posted for us newbies for life after gynecomastia surgery.

My life has greatly improved. My confidence has sky-rocketed, and I feel better about myself, but I am not where I want to be. I understand that many have to wait years to accrue the funds for this surgery, and by no means am I trying to be insensitive.

I just feel that this would be the best, and most productive manner in venting my frustration, as well as sharing my experience with other members.

I don't know how to explain exactly what the issue is but I will try my best.

My areola, still acts as if it has breast tissue behind it. What I mean, is that, for example, after a cold shower, my areolas shrink and look more like a normal male nipple, and my chest is just generally more masculine looking. Once I warm up, or stop stimulating my areola's. they "puff" out and create an embarrassing, and feminine appearance much akin to a young girl who has just started growing breasts.

Once again, I waited a whole year until this moment because of all the stories about being patient, and waiting for the scar tissue/swelling to go down. I waited and waited, and bid my time, and I have, if anything, smaller, but not non-existent breasts.

I've returned to my normal lifestyle; working out, scuba-diving, and being physical; all of  which I took plenty of time off from to aid in my healing.

I plan starting the full circuit from doctor to surgeon again. If anything, I would just like an answer as to why this "puffyness" remains; whether or not it was because the surgeon didn't take enough gland out, or if I wasn't careful enough during the healing stages.

I honestly don't want to have to go through another surgery. It wasn't a terrible ordeal, but it was definitely something I thought I would have done once, and then live my life normally.

Thank you, for those who took the time to read this, and I hope I have passed along something to anyone.

Don't give up. I'm far from it, and there is never any reason to stop wanting to be normal. That is all I want. Normalcy.


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I didn't think anyone would have replied to my first posting, and thats fine. If anything, I just hope some of you can take from this.

I went and saw my primary care provider, and explained the situation. I figured it be best to start from the bottom again, in terms of what they can do for me. He shot me down, not intentionally though, about getting this corrected. But I explained to him that I was also feeling tenderness, and random pain throughout the week located near my areola. He also told me that it could come back, which I was aware of before the surgery, and my surgeon gave me a less that 5% chance of it ever coming back. My PCP said that since this is considered a post-surgical complication, that he will have to refer me back to my surgeon.

I honestly, wasn't too excited to be seeing my surgeon again. He is a great guy, and really helped me out with getting this surgery, but he doesn't seem to understand the effect gynecomastia has on the male psyche, but at the same time, thats not his job.

I will be seeing him on the 27th of this month. There are only a few things I can except...

1) There is nothing he will do at this point, and I'll have to get the surgery done again, from a surgeon who specializes solely in gynecomastia. (My surgeon is a plastic surgeon who deals with breast surgery, and I got him because my insurance covered the surgery for my particular issue)

2) Tell me to wait for a year, to see if the gynecomastia comes back, and at that point, they may or may not redo the surgery...I'm fairly certain they won't

3) He will reschedule the surgery for the near future.

4) He will potentially do something in house.

I honestly have no idea which outcome is more likely, I just hope for something good...


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