Author Topic: one side perfect the other side puffy nipple still there  (Read 2078 times)

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Hey Guys,
           i am 2 weeks post op from getting gland surgery to get rid of my puffy nipples.
my left side loooks awesome it looks awesome.
the right side however has puffed up at the top of the nipple, i cant feel anything under it so i dont think it is left over gland. about a cm around the nipple if flat, its just the top half of the nipple is really soft and puffed out.

has anyone had the same thing post op because i am really stressing that it is not going to go away.



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i m experiencing smthing similar except tht i can feel a very hard painful lump at the site of puffiness...i called up the doc nd he asked me to come in ASAP since it seems like there was some fluid collection inside of the skin which needs to be drained
by the way, i am only three days post op...
u can check my pics at


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