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I'd really like to see your pre op pics so I can see how far you've come, but from what I can tell, you needed glandular excession.   Lypo alone will not get rid of gland no matter how ambisious a doc is with his cannula.  The gland has to be excised, meaning cut out in order for you to be flat. Then after the gland is out, lypo can be used to get rid of the fatty tissue.  i think the most important thing for people to know who need gynecomastia surgery is what kind of doc are you getting.  You need to know if the surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon by the american medical association, you need to know how many of these types of surgeries he/she's done, and you need to see pics of there work.  Most times people like us are so anxious to rid of the problem that we'll bite at the first opportunity we get to have the surgery.  Either our insurance approves the first doc we check out, or the price is low, or the doc's words are conviencing.  We let all these things aid us towards making irrational decisions, then we get screwed and end up with not so good results.  I'm not trying to talk badly about the job done on your chest, but I'm 100000% certain that you don't have the results you want because you didn't get the gland excised.  Listen...I know this may be hard for you to hear, but you need to set up a revision after 6 months to a year and have the doc cut out the gland, and do lypo to take away the remaining fatty tissue.  You might be able to get the job done for free by your current doc, or you may have to spend more, but trust me.  You should not expect your results to get much better...

this is just my opinion


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I was worried about that.

I did mention to him that I didn't think lypo would do it, but he is quite egotistical, and was having none of it. I'll have to go and see him again, I suppose.


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