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Hi, Everyone.  After my surgery--about 4 days post-op, i went to the movies with a friend and that was the 1st time i've sat still for any length of time since the surgery (i'm always a mover), well as i was sitting during the movie, my toes and fingers felt like they were going to sleep--you know--that awful feeling of tingling--like when you sleep on your arm or something? that has *never* happened to me before surgery.

well, since then it has happened 2 more times to me--both when i was sleeping. In fact i'm awake now because i had to get up to walk around. I woke up and 2 of my fingers on my right hand were numb!  Since it has happened both sitting and sleeping but not standing, my guess is that it's related to circulation.

now, my HOPE is that maybe it's being caused from the compression vest's tightness. I'll be sure to ask my doc about it on Monday....but has anyone else experienced this?  :-/


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i'm just bumping this one up 'cause i posted it before the new section started and somehow it ended up at the end of the list.

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I didn't experience that, but I did experience some wierd feelings from time to time that first week.  Some of it may be the compression, some of it probably has to do with your body's having been through a trauma.  Your body has been through a tremendous amount of stress and is using a lot of its available energy for healing.  There's also some lingering effects of anesthesia and pain meds at play there, too.  It's no wonder we feel wierd post op.  I agree with you that you should tell your PS about it.

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I got my  surgery done yesterday and I had some numbness in my right hand on the tips of my pointer and thumb.  On the left hand I have numbness on the palm side of the whole thumb and pointer, similar to carpal tunnel (median nerve trauma).

The right side has completely gone away and the left seems to be getting better.  I was told by the surgeon today and my RN mom last night that it probably had to do with being stretched out on the arm boards for five hours.

I'd just tell your surgeon and see what he says, then document it each occurrence with date/time etc, never can be too safe.

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I have had it the last few nights waking up thru the night etc.  I think its the vest being too tight under my armpits and cutting off some circulation or something.  Not much I can do I don't think about that right now though...

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i agree with you, peter--i think it's from the vest pressing too hard in the armpit area and cutting off circulation. last night when i went to bed i removed one of my pillows so my body would lay flatter instead of at an angle...and i slept on my back, and i didn't have any problems.   so, i really think it's from the vest.  i'll mention it to my ps but i don't think there's any reason to worry.  thanks for all the input, everyone!


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