Author Topic: Nipples changing from indented to slightly indented 4.5 months post-op  (Read 2295 times)

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Had surgery done 4.5 months ago, experienced indented nipples as soon as the bandages came off. However they were initially severely indented but as scar tissue has been going there is just a slight indent on the middle of the nipple which makes them look puffy. If i stretch my skin around the areola without really stimulating the muscle underneath they look perfect. What really is the case of inverted nipples, is it scar tissue? I'm guessing it is true cause i had significant scar tissue on my right side which is pushing my chest out, and is more indented than my left. If i stretch my arms backwards i can see scar tissue around the point of incision on the right hand side.

I am considering getting my nipple pierced if the indents dont resolve themselves, or maybe use niplette to push them out.

I had very mild gynecomastia, mainly fat but my nipples were always puffy. According to my surgeon I did not have any breast tissue. I still dont really feel any hard tissue underneath my nipples it feels more hollow than anything. Im guessing the puffyness could be a result of excess skin, as i was a chubby kid until high school but than drastically lost alot of weight through crash diets which left my skin very elasticy. I hope my skin will tighten over time.

Could you please give me your opinion!




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