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I've been prescribed Keflex, Vicodin, and Medrol as my post op medications. The Keflex is probably to fight infection and the Vicodin is to fight pain, but I'm a little skeptical on this Medrol. I know that it's basically a steroid to help you heal but I thought the doctors said steroids caused gynecomastia. What's the deal with Medrol?


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Unless your surgery went horribly wrong, I wouldn't use the meds.

After my surgery, they let me rest for maybe an hour.. then I walked to the bathroom, and around the room I was in. They only made my use a wheelchair to actually leave the building, after that I walked everywhere. Now, I did sleep a lot, but thats usual.

I was not prescribed one medication, and I felt fine. Unless you need to use it, or the doctor really tells you that you HAVE to use it, I wouldn't. Then again, I'm not a doctor, I'm just going by personal experience.

Edit - Sorry I can't answer your medication question specifically.

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Definitely use the Keflex. If you get an infection it will be your worst nightmare.


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