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How long does it take for lumpiness to go away after surgery? When I raise my arms the skin is just a little uneven I guess just from the lipo.


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thats internal scar tissue , you need to massage it

takes a few months i believe, get yourself some bio oil and massage reguarly it should help shift it! Im in the same situation as you at the moment but the bio oil really does help

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hi todd, just wanna ask why bio oil? where i can find that bio oil? any brands for clue?

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bio oil is for healing scar tissue (external) but also has healing affects on internal scar tissue. its used for

Stretch Marks
Uneven Skin Tone
Ageing Skin
Dehydrated skin

for me its worked wonders and its really nice to massage with (it gives a warm senesation not cold).

you can pick it up anywhere for a few quid, holland and barret in the uk asda etc. Im not sure about abroad but it should be availible


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