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I had surgery a while back because I couldn't stand my "puffy" nipples. I'm satisfied with one side, but the other has not properly healed. It's difficult to describe and I'll use pictures later, but for now I'll describe it with words. There is a large amount of scar tissue under the surface scar. Extends at most 1mm above the scare line but several millimeters below it. What's strange is that the skin above the subdermal scar tissue appears to be flat while above it the nipple puffs out slightly. Ironically I'd feel more comfortable if the puffiness was uniform throughout, but the effect that it creates is that the center of the nipple is not centered. Obviously it is centered with respect to the surface area, but since the top is puffy, it is not centered for those looking straight on it. Additionally the shadow created by the puffiness of the top accentuates the fact that it is uneven.

I'd much appreciate it if someone could explain to me what has caused it to heal like this. The surgery was four years ago, and it has been static for about 3 years. This all started when the scar tissue below the surface scar formed, and I suspect that the scar tissue is the cause of the problem.

My theory is that the scar tissue has displaced the fatty tissue, which is why the top half puffs out; the fatty tissue is all in the upper half. Obviously I'm not a doctor. I would like to know what is necessary to correct this issue. I'd hope that another surgery wouldn't be necessary, but it is not out of the question.

Thank you


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If its scar tissue, then you could go for kenalog injections to dissolve the scar....Dr. Jacobs has mentioned them several times in this forum... you should try searching for "kenalog" on the website

Hope that helps. :)


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