Author Topic: Lipo Selection (Vaser / Smart Lipo) Verses Gland Removal (Please leave thoughts)  (Read 3007 times)

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Please help me out. I have been struggling with gyno since I was 12 years old. I just had Vaser and Smart Lipo surgery on my chest on 8/28/2008. Just wondering what is glad removal and should I of had glandular tissue removed also. I know that it has only been a week but just trying to either set myself up for a good result or something that I might need to get redone. Can some tell me what gland removal really is because I am confused as I have been reading all these post. The reason I am asking is that I have noticed on here that when people get surgeries done they see an instant flat chest where mine is still large. Just wondering if this is the swelling and fluid from the lipo or is this as good as it gets! Thanks for your help!    

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The gland would be the hard(ish) lump under your nipple area. You can't miss it if it's there. Just grab your "breast" and squeeze it, within a centimetre around the nipple.
That would have to be removed as well. The problem is there are too many mickey mouse liposuction clinics these days, particularly in the USA. They offer "male breast reduction" but not in the correct manner.

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Do your post op picture is smart lipo only?

Please let me know



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