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I was wondering if any one could help.  Im 32 and i had the surgery about a month ago(lipo and gland removal).  The doctor and staff were awesome.  When i was four i had pectus excavatum surgery so i have a scar that runs almost nipple to nipple and its about an inch under my nipples.  My chest is flat now, but where my scar is i have a ridge that bulges out.  My doctor said he thinks it will go down, he just thinks the swelling is in that old deep scar tissue.  I sleep on my back and in the morning it is alot flatter,(but not gone completely) but after i move around at work or whatever in bulges back out.  Its not a big bulge just a ridge i guess.  My doctor said that would probably be the last place to heal  because of the old scar tissue.  It has went down  a good bit in a month but it is not gone yet.  My doctor says be patient.    My doc said that is the lowest point of my surgery and that is where the remaing swelling falls.  He also told me to massage the old and new scars and the old scar is getting softer.  Other than that everything else is good.  can anyone with any knowledge of this please respond.THANK YOU


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If the scar from your original pectus excavatum surgery was smooth and flat prior to your gyne surgery, then in all likelihood it will return to the same state.  The swelling and firmness you have at this relatively short time after your gyne surgery is probably contributing to any elevation of the scar.

I think your surgeon is right on -- just be patient.  You might try some gentle massage to the areas as well.

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