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I had a fat graft surgery on my left pec done about 2 weeks ago to correct a crater I had when I raised/flexed my left chest. It was bothering me because when I would go to the gym and wear light color shirts, you could see the craters through the shirt. The doctor that performed my original gyno surgery about 1.5 years ago did the graft to correct the problem.

I believe he tried to over-correct and injected more fat than he should have. I know that this is common for some surgeons, as the expectation is that not all of the fat will survive. Well, here's my problem. The fat has turned into a firm lump and now I have a lump south of my nipple and it's dragging my chest down a bit. At this point, I wish I still had the crater because I would have been able to bulk up and potentially fill it out with muscle, versus having a weird lump sticking out. 

Has anyone had a fat graft done? Any doctors in here that can chime in? I'm wondering if this is fat necrosis, a seroma, an oil cyst, or anything else? My doctor says to just wait it out and that it's too early to say anything. I agree but it's quite frustrating and if it's an oil cyst I'd want it drained. 



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