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How long to i have to keep these drains in ?  Does the liquid change color after time.  What am i looking for ?


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1.How long to i have to keep these drains in ? 
2.Does the liquid change color after time. 
3.What am i looking for ?

1. For as long as your Dr. says. He/she will remove them. Two to seven days is "normal".
2. Maybe. Red(mostly blood) to lighter pink(blood and other "stuff" your body is producing to help heal)
3. Scary amounts of solid red blood would probably be bad.

Assuming you have two Bulb type drainage resevoirs attached to individual tubes at each side. Yes?
When the thing gets about half full hold the tube with one hand close to where it goes into your body. With the other hand using your thumb and index finger pinch the tube as close to your other hand, that is still holding the tube,with pinched fingers slide all the way down the tube to the bulb. That's why the first hand is holding tube as you do not want to pull the tube out at all or even tug at your body a little, very painful. This process keeps tube clear of any coagulated stuff and keeps the fluids flowing out. After clearing tube disconnect bulb. take measurment of volume and record amount (Dr. will want to see these records later). Empty into toilet(not for the squeemish) wipe top of bulb off with new guaze pad and alcohol. Squeeze bulb down. Re-connect to tube. Repeat for other side.

Your Dr. or nurse should have explained these steps to you. Call them before you do anything and verify what I have written. Because I am not a doctor and have not stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in a long time ;D.They will take your call and walk you though it. If not, get someone to take you to their office and have them show you. Remember they are working for you as you have paid them. Have fun.

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Hey, I'm in the same situation.  Looks like we are recovering at the same time.  I had my surgery yesterday (thursday) and I'm scheduled to have my doctor take them out on monday if all looks ok.  Manzeer's instructions are basically the same I was told to do.  Good luck!


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