Author Topic: Do I have Nipple necrosis?  (Read 1811 times)

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I had unilateral gyno surgery about 5 weeks ago (gland removal and very little Lopo). 1 week after my surgery I had my post op appointment with my surgeon and everything looked great. 2 weeks post op my nipple looked like it was beginning to scar. I called my surgeon to see if scarring of the nipple was normal and he said it will be fine and give it time to heal. It has now been about 5 weeks post op and it does not appear to have healed at all. So now I am nervous and hoping I do not have necrosis. Please look at the attached pictures and give me your thoughts/suggestions



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Your surgeon is the best person to talk to. You should go and talk to him in person. If you have any doubt, you can have a consultation with another surgeon.
I did find this post ( and this post ( which seems similar to yours. However, as you said that you are 5 weeks post op and these post are only few days post op, so I don't know if this will help.


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