Author Topic: DISTRAUGHT! It's Back!  (Read 2275 times)

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Well it's official, life sux!!!!

I am 6 months post op and it's starting to come back/is back already!

Checkout the pictures here at the link below, to access use the password: gynecomastia

I don't know what to do know... I'm basically in tears over this, I spent close to $9,000 for surgery, travel expenses, hotel, etc. What a frikkin waste of money.


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i feel you pain im 4 months post op and mine came back, except i think its from a combo of wieght gain and muscle from workingout

do you have a pea size shape gland u can see behind your nipps wen they get hard?
is that wat grew?

when did u notice the regrowth

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Please give us a more complete history.

Did you see a GP or Endocrinologist for an assessment first? Or, did you just go straightaway to a cosmetic surgeon and ask for surgery? What did you do to select the particular surgeon you went to?

For now, please do not give any names. What I'm looking for is a history from the first you noticed the Gynecomastia until the time you had surgery. Please include your age at the different stages.

Sometimes to get out of a mess we need to think back about how we got into the mess to begin with. perhaps we can help you in the process or prevent someone else from getting into the same situation.
Grandpa Dan

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It's not bad, but yes, doesn't look the same as post-op.

Feel your pain also, 1 year after surgery and the boobies are starting to grow again, Tomorrow I go to the doc for more info.

I just question myself. How do all bodybuilders who use gear and have gyno never have it regrow ?

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read from top to bottom

he was in the same boat as us, maybe the same issue? with the same solution

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Your nipples don't seem to be as puffy in the latest not sure what grabbing the skin and pulling it outwards is supposed to signify...what sort of result were you expecting exactly?
You might have some scar tissue still, and remember in some cases in can take up to a year to see your final results.
Surgery done 18th March 2008

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wa r u talking about??? i think u wasted ur money in the first place for getting the surgery u had the most minor case of it to begin with and now u dont have n e thing i dont see that it came back..... maybe ur jsut paranoid


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