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Hey, I was just wondering what people's "excuses" are when someone discovers youre wearing an undergarment like the compression vest...

I've had instances where aquaintances have patted me on the shoulder or on the back and felt it underneath and asked me what it was I was wearing. My standard answer has been that I threw my back and it's a brace I have to wear.  ;)

I'm curious to know if other people have had the same situation and how they deal with it... especially if the person who notices it is a cute member of the opposite sex  :P I don't know how believable the "back brace" alibi is, but it does seem to work, if people ask how I threw my back I just give 'em a "farwaway kamasutra smile" and change the topic....


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well, i told my co-workers the truth after the surgery, lol. but if it's someone who doesn't need to know, then i just say "it's a vest that helps my posture". and really it's kinda' true in a way.

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The surgeon I used suggested I tell people I had a cyst removed from my chest muscle.  I have been telling people this and it would explain the need for the compression vest.
Surgery performed by Mr Levick at The Priory Hospital Bimingham (UK) 20th October 2006

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I've been wearing sweaters with half-zippers (like this: but I'm getting a bit sick of it.  But, it completely overlaps the zipper at the top of my compression vest.  I had my surgery on October 20th and luckily the weather was cold enough for this.  I never thought about it beforehand.  I can't wear dress shirts comfortably yet because the compression vest makes the shirt look really funny.  Looks like I'm wearing a girdle... because I am!  :)

I can't wait to be able to stop wearing this vest.  I feel like I haven't really been able to enjoy my surgery yet because I'm wearing the vest.  10 more days for me and then the vest comes off.

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yeah, i've been trying to wear sweaters and sweatshirts to hide it but since it's 80 freaking degrees in november then i can't really do it without burning up. can't wait until i can get rid of this vest.


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