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hey guys. just thought i would follow up. its been 7 months since my surgery. i had basically forgotten about the site which is a good thing because it means i think about gyne less and less. this summer has been great without having to worry about it. i have no scars and am very satisfied with the results. one of best decisions i have made. will try post some updated pics soon. feel free to ask me any questions about the procedure....


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I am really interested to see pictures.  What kind of surgery was it?  How long was the recovery, and do you have any lasting effects from it?  (loss of feeling, tenderness, etc.)
If the worst health issue you face is only an aesthetic one - remember it is just that. You can fix it with surgery, or hide it, or deal with it. The bottom line - we are all battling something that shouldn't stop us from missing out on life and living how we want to. Everyone should be so lucky!

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Yeah man, please post pics, I remember your case.  I am 5 months out and still have scars, would like to see how you look at 7 months.


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