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I write you this after just sleeping 5 hours in a recliner. Suprisingly I had slept through the night. My PS said the surgery went great and he is really happy with the results.

They scheduled me for surgery at 7:30. That meant that I had to get there at 4:30! sadly I did not get any sleep the night before, I was too excited about surgery. When I got there we went over some paperwork and talked to my PS for the last time. My anthesiologist shortly came after, explaining what he would do. They started me on an IV, drew on me with a marker, then I was away to surgery. The last thing I remember was going in the OR.

Next thing I know I was in the recovery room. I was nauseous from the anesthesia and I threw up a few times. They weren't  going to  discharge me unless I could urinate, so I had wait 3 extra hours until I could because there was no way I was getting a folly catheter. When I got home I slept a lot. I didnt really want to do anything. My only pain was from my drains at the spot that they go in my chest. Other then the drains the only pain I feel is like I worked out a lot. The Drains still are hurting whenever I move and are the main reason for why I take the Vicodin.

I slept through the night on a recliner. The second day post op I just chilled around the house only getting up to walk around to prevent blood clots in my legs.

As i write this, the only pain Im feeling right now is the pain from the drain insertion site. I dont know if thats normal but it starts to really hurt when I move. I cant wait to take the drains out. That is scheduled one week from my surgery date.

I am happy to say that I dont have gyno anymore. I am really happy with the results, even at first day post op and thats with all the swelling as well. If you are thinking of getting the surgery dont wait! just get it now. I just cant wait until next summer, my first real summer without gyno.


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Thanks for posting this!

I'm going for surgery and I really wanted to know how it will be the day or two afterwards.

Is the pain from the drains bad? If so, how bad? And you can't lie down at all? Only stand up and recline in chair?

The only thing really concerning me now is the pain. Also, I can't imagine being operated on because I don't like seeing/dealing with blood, cutting etc so it's making me nauseous and I feel like throwing up lol.

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pics wen u can


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