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Good day;

I am exactly two weeks post op. I attached 1 before pic and 3 pics post.

I know alot of comments will be that its only been 2 weeks and to give it much more time to heal, but I'm hoping for some unbiased opinions. First off is this normal bruising and nipple reaction for two weeks post op?

my PS is not a good communicator. I saw him and expressed some concerns and he dismissed them by saying I look fine and to give the bruising 3 months and that my nipples "will pop" and then walked out.

I am very concerned with my left nipple. Its got a crease on the lower half and is very slanted. it has improved slightly from a week ago, but I'm really concerned that it doesn't look normal at all. It definitely feels like I have some hardened scar tissue underneath both nipples, so I'm praying and hopeful that once it evens out will fill in and look normal. Any advice comments are appreciated as to wait 6 months of uncertainty is quite agonizing. I'm freaking out I've made a huge mistake. Thank you

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Sent you a PM, but besides the bruising the results look great :)
very flat.

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Pre99, you're in the healing phase now mate.

Give it two weeks and the bruising should be drastically reduced...we all heal a bit differently and liposuction is quite aggressive.

My surgeon warned me that this phase can be quite depressing as the body heals and not to lose heart or panic too much.

"hardened scar tissue underneath both nipples"- i too had this and the left side feels great now (the hardness has virtually gone) and the right side is still healing and there is hardness....I am over 6 weeks post op.

Don't freak out mate, just take it easy and carry on with the healing.

Out of interest who did the surgery?


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