Author Topic: 8 days post op and my chest is not flat and still sticks out  (Read 1318 times)

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i dont know if it is too early or not. but i just took off my vest to shower and also clean the vest and looked at my chest, and it is not flat at all. and it looks just like before my surgery except no puffy nipples.
there is still fat underneath the nipple and above my nipple. i don't have a flat chest at all. i had lipo and excession done on both nipples. the upper portion of my chest still feels like there is still lot of fat as well. i am so far unimpressed :(
i have looked pictures of before and after surgery online and post surgery seems like everyone has had flat chest, mine still looks the same. i didn't take the garment out since the second the doctor put it on. 


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There are many posts which say that 8 days post op, there will be swelling. I think that the swelling will decrease slowly.

You have to be patient and wear your compression garment tight enough 24/7 (not too tight, you should ask your surgeon about appropriate tightness). Also, you should talk to your surgeon, if you have any doubt of seroma (fluid collection) which needs to be taken out with a needle.


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Give yourself time to heal, you had surgery!

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Post operative swelling is normal at this time.   It will take weeks at least and possibly even months before you will see the final result.  
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