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Hello all,
I had my surgery in mid-Feb this year with gland and lipo through the armpit area only. The doctor uses a special cutting + sucking tool.
That makes me 22 weeks out today. The feeling in my nipples has not completely returned, but is still making progress as we speak (I can feel rubbing over it now to a greater extent).
Picture 1 attached is 5 days (or was it 7) post-op, the first time I took off the compression garment. 
The other pictures are from this morning and currently how they are.
I'm freaking out a little...because it looks like the gynecomastia came back. I suspect and HOPE it's scar tissue that can be resolved with kenalog injections (which the surgeon said he can do for me for free), but am not entirely sure. 
I don't have a side view from the 5-7 day post-op picture BUT i remember it was flat and not protruding like now. The front view always looks better than the side in my opinion.
Right now, I seek some advice and opinions on what to do. Since I did my surgery out of state, I would have to hop on a plane. 
I am a very avid reader of this forum and have consulted others who have had the surgery with the same doctor. They told me it takes a little longer to heal with this doctor it seems than others. 
My questions are:
1. How can you tell if it's scar tissue vs. residual gland? I worry about this because my chest was flat and looked fine 5-7 days post op the first time i removed the compression wrap and garment.
2. Since it's almost 6 months post op, should I go ahead and fly to my doctor to get the kenalog or should I wait another 2-3 months?
Thank you!!



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