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I recently had surgery for a minor case of puffy nipples, and everything went great, the worst part was the local anesthesia. 6 days post op when I returned to my doctor for a checkup everything looked amazing, at only 6 days it looked close to what it should have (in my opinion) looked like in 6 months besides some minor bruising. However, at about day 9 to day 11 my nipples started to become puffy again, my right one has the same look to it (not as bad) as before surgery, with the areola being puffy and then a band of puffiness expanding in a slanted fashion in both directions (just like before surgery). I know healing takes a long time, but is it normal for it to look so good at day 6 and then start to look worse as the days go on? The way they puff up almost looks exactly like they did before the surgery, to a much lesser extent. They also looks perfect when I get cold, also just like before the surgery. I can clearly palpate scar tissue already, which I know is not gland because there was no hard mass under my nipples to begin with, the gland that came out was soft (I asked to see the gland and the surgeon's assistant dangled into in front of me after the doctor finished excising the second side of my chest.) Can scar tissue cause the nipple to puff up in a strikingly similar fashion to glandular tissue? Thanks



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Same bout as u it's fluid build up it will get drained or go away on its own from what I'm told... I had the same time frame as u looked good when I had my first check n now fluid!! Guess that's just part of healing.. I've herd that what it looked like right after is about what u can expect for final result... Anyways hope this helped frienf

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Any up dates? I also am in the same little over a months post op.  Let us know! 


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