Author Topic: 1 month after surgery - one nipple is puffy, one isn't - did the doc miss some?  (Read 2776 times)

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Were anyone elses nipples like this after surgery? The reason I'm worrying is because I haven't seen any change in the right nipple even though the bruising has started to go away. I'm starting to get the feeling that Dr. Fielding missed some. The reason I say that is because it has a definate 'gyne' look and feel to it. The skin is soft and and curves out in typical gyne fashion.

PS: Is going in for a second surgery common, because I'm starting to get the feeling that I might have to. Will it cost less?


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i think there is a real issue with gyne surgery not giving guys a satisfied result, in general...yes, there seems to be a lot of guys needing revisions and guys all over the world from this site second guessing their results.  ive had a revision, and i need another one still.  there is also a trend lately for the same doctors taking less out of the same SIDE of the chest for some reason, so i've read...i think they are so paranoid of removing too much and thinking lawsuits will be flying, when in reality most guys would LOVE to have a slight indent when they do the arnold pose rather than having ti-ts 24/7. 


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