Author Topic: Dominate Handedness and Gynecomastia  (Read 1804 times)

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This will obviously be a very unscientific poll as we really have no control group, etc. but I was just curious.  My Gynecomastia is asymmetrical, not grossly but enough to be noticeable.  If you are also asymmetrical which side is larger; your dominant hand side or non-dominant hand side?

Not sure if we will see a trend or not, as I said just curious.  For me it is my left or non-dominant side that is larger.  It is not only the whole breast but the stiffer gland material is definitely larger on that side too.


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Right handed and fairly symmetrical.
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Left breast but right handed. Right breast hangs lower though. 

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Right handed but left side is bigger. 

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I think I'm fairly symmetrical, right handed. I can definitely feel the right one move more and it was always the more sore one before I started wearing support. 

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I'm Right H and my Right girl is bigger than the left ;)
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Right handed, right boob a little bit larger

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I suppose I'll also chime in.

right handed, although I have learned to use my left hand almost as much as right.  It basically depends what I'm doing, and about a year ago running on plants I had significantly more power in my left arm (from opening valves).

My left side feels larger, but right seems to have a bit more projection.

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right handed but left boob is about 1/2 cup size bigger.  not noticeable under a shirt.

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I'm right handed and fairly symmetrical.

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Right hand, left boobs is slightly larger - enough for me to notice, but not as noticeable with clothes.

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Right handed and the right breast is a little bigger.  As  others mentioned, not noticeable under clothes.


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