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I am by no means looking to flaunt what I have been given, mainly due to a lot of small minds that can't understand how the body works. I am blessed with a few friends that are chosen family that have known for some time, and my doctor that didn't make a big deal over it at our last appointment. I just like to be open with my family of birth and those that have chosen me. There are still boundaries, but my opinion is that we are supposed to support the ones we care about. And I understand the learning curve and adapting to things outside their usual understanding takes time. The trolls can piss off.

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Check out Shefit bras.  They make them for all sizes and look like a vest more than anything.  Also hassle free returns.

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Amazon Prime with returns has been my friend. 

I only braved the brick and mortar stores once and had an unpleasant experience with a saleswoman. So I am an online shopper now. 

I am only a 42 B but I have needed bras for many years because of how sensitive my chest and nipples are wearing normal shirts that rubbed every tine I took a step at work. And walking for exercise was miserable. And I could not jog without holding my breasts. 

I tried to diminish my issue and pretend it exist. I tried binders and they just hurt. I considered surgery but after quotes between $5000-$15000 and enough botched surgery jobs I was out. Plus I have medical reasons why surgery is not a good option right now. I used to get mad that surgery was considered elective or cosmetic. But now I agree with this. For me the surgery is about social norms and vanity not about my health or safety. I know some may disagree and that's ok. 

But it wasn't until I called them breasts and started to accept my breasts as just a part of me rather than some kind of malignancy that I found some peace. I realized that I was simply trying to please other people rather than deal with my true feelings. 

Now a couple years later I actually find myself being proud of them. I have nice breasts. If my breast volume was on a 36 or 38 band they'd probably be some DDs. If anything, I'd like my Bs to be even bigger. I know you're not supposed to have those feelings as a straight XY but well there it is. 

I find that I like to wear clothing in layers and no longer buy super baggy clothes. I even some women's tank tops or camisoles with built in support. I used to wear thick or baggy clothes to hide evidence of my feminine chest. Now I I just wear what looks good on me. 

I wish I had discovered this site years ago but I hope to maybe now be a support to others who might be walking through some of this and just coming to terms with it. 

One word of unsolicited advice is to do what you want and don't let others try to convince you or shame you. Personally I went from trying to please others for having breasts to trying to please others and considering surgery to please some meatheads at the local gym. In other words I just exchanged one group for another to please. You don't have to change because society is uncomfortable with female breasts on the wrong frame. You also don't have to change to please family. And you certainly don't have to change for the toxic male driven ego types and bodybuilders. They try to change you because they don't feel in control of themselves and I have found that they often provide a bunch of useless "bro science".

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I am sorry you had a bad experience your first time shopping in person. I would suggest trying stores like Soma and Ln., Bryant. If you feel nervous, you can call ahead of time. I am sure they will be quite welcoming 

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Anyone here ever get tested for things like Sex Hormone Binding Globulin or the like? Anyone here have Gynecomastia related to Gilbert's Syndrome or UGT1A1 enzyme?

Does anyone here deal with more than just breast growth. I mean does whatever causes the breast development cause feminine things elsewhere? I've recently experienced some body hair loss and maybe some muscle mass loss but don't want to alarm myself.

In September, I had blood tests that showed my testosterone was 11.3, normal but at the low end.  My sex hormone binging globulin was 24.6, in the normal range of 10-70.  My doctor isn't concerned about it and honestly, I'm not either.  I guess I want to have an idea to what the end game will look like.  I have low hemoglobin as well as waking up at night to use the bathroom 1 to 2 times.  It's possible that I'm looking at TRT to help with both conditions, which might enlarge my breasts or add on to secondary female characteristics.  I guess I'll never know for sure, I'll have to wait and see.


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