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I have been reading a lot of the stories posted on this website and I just want to say that everyone has amazing stories, similar problems, but very unique experience all in their own.  I am a concerned friend of a person whom I think might have gynecomastia.  I have known him ever since we were young and watched him grow up (he's in his mid-twenties) and become the person he is today.  He is an amazing person, but is pretty shy, unless he is around people he knows.  I want the best things in life for him because he is a truly great person.  I feel that this is holding back from so much and so many opportunities that life has to offer.  I really want to approach this sensitive topic with him and share with him what it is and that there are options available.  I have never talked to anyone, especially him about this issue, but I feel that it's time.  I have some challenges though: I don't know how obvious or not obvious it is to the people around him but I think I notice and know because how long I've known him and I don't want him to feel that it's super obvious to those around him because I don't want him to be more self-conscious than he is. This makes me feel very sad and concerned, that's why I have been putting off bringing up this topic.  At the same time, I think about the information I have and know and feel so happy when I think about how different his life could be if he knew the same things that I knew.  It has become quite the challenge for me.  I was wondering if anyone had advice about how to approach this topic in the most sensitive, positive, and respectful way.  It would truly mean a lot to me.  Thanks!



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