Author Topic: My son, Undescended Testicle at birth, now this? Are the two related??  (Read 6200 times)

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I have a 14 year old son named Matt. When he was born he had an Undescended Testicle and the doctors told us that if it hadnt came down by the time he was a year old they would need to do surgery.At the time I spoke with the surgeon he told me that my son could grow up to be effiminate sounding and possibly be infertile if the testicle did not descend. When he was about 8 months old it descended on its own. Now that he has hit his teen years he has enlarged Nipples and Areolas, he showed them to me last night and I could tell he is embarrased by them. He has hopes of joining the marines and I dont want him to have to indure undue criticism by other men or boys during those years. He does not have any fatty breast tissue only enlarged nipples and areolas, however on one of his nipples is a little white growth that resembles a wart? Is this common? Could the two conditions here be related and should he see a doctor? Im thinking perhaps he has a hormone imbalance. He has no chest hair however he has lots of hair on his legs so Im thinking he has no hair growth problems. His voice sounds masculine, no worries there either. Just the breast issue. Im scared that he might end up infertile. Any advice?


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Shouldn't be related in my opinion, however - I have gynecomastia and my left testicle, while descended now, did so with quite a delay, and the doctor said it's a tad smaller now than with most normal men.

Maybe there's a relation there, I don't know.


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