Author Topic: My 15 year old has had it for about 2-3 years so far  (Read 4818 times)

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Hi, I'm a newbie.

My son is very, very thin but has gynecomastia. (he's had it for the past couple years.)  He also wears t-shirts under his shirts
and is very conscious of it.  He has ADHD and takes medicine for that. So I wonder if it's just estrogen
or could it have something to with the medicine?

The thing I wonder about is this.  He was sexually molested by a family member when he was 2-3 years old.
He is very feminine and we do wonder if he'll be gay. 

I don't think the gynecomastia is helping the matter.  I'd love to hear from others
as this is so new to me.



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Sorry that I don't have anything much to input apart from;

Being gay is not a cause of gyno.

Secondly, I really feel for the lad. I guess he's been through hell and back.

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I note that this concerned parent has not been active since a few days after the original post which is unfortunate.

She describes her son as being very, very thin. If he is also significantly taller than expected for the family, it might be worthwhile to have him tested for Klinefelters Syndrome.

Grandpa Dan

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2-3 years old? Man rough life. Well yeah, probably good to get him to an endo or a surgeon. And with the medicine, I don't know, Im not a doctor.
If you have gyne, dont expect not be laughed at.

Just like if you walk into a locker room, you're gonna see some hairy asses and dicks.

Unfortunately for me, both have occured in my life way too many times.


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