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I am 28 and am very active in training and exercise. I do not lead a feminine life style nor give any hints at anything secret such as that. My breasts are growing for some reason and while my gf doesn't see much there is definite fullness and growth occuring. To the point where its becoming noticeable now. I have started to wear bras around the house though they are concealing. Unfortunately I have chased dreams since I was a teen and finally got back in to school and such and began saving for my own house around 26 :( have the money for a house just not the salary to afford the expenses. Anyways. Curious to those who decided to wear a bra routinely around the house while still living at home, how did you handle it or take to it? I would like to wear mine freely and while my parents probably wouldnt care one bit im sure they would look at me sideways if they did the wash and found my bras. I have a gf but mind you she's a C not an A like me so its a lil tough to blame it on being hers lol.
Also how did you handle the public possibly viewing your bra?


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I was 12 years old in 1949 and that is when the enlargement was noted.  Since surgery back then was not a good alternative like it is now and even our understanding of the various glands has come a long way; the usual approach was to try and ignore it. 

With an A/B cup size, I found it best not to wear a bra most of the time.  I did often wear one when backpacking and mountaineering as getting them under control and restrained was then helpful. The rest of the time I went without a bras because the bra actually brought attention to the breasts and the support was really not all that needed. 
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I have had gynecomastia all my life but I didn't start to wear a bra until my breast got to about a "C" cup size on a daily basis. I went for years wearing DD bras but I felt like I was being pinch, so I went for a formal fitting. It was the recommendations of my doctor and my wife to get a fitting done so I did.

The fitting went very well and I found out that I was much bigger then I thought, 46H! So I do wear a bra 98% of the time, but I do take a break now and then. I only wear a tee shirt over it in the summer, but it is one size larger. I've never had any comments or looks either!

As for family, I have total support from my wife and daughters, and the other members that know. I have a few friends that also know and they could care less.

As we say here on the forum. A bra is for supporting breast, and it makes no difference if the breast are on a woman or a man!


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I have B/C breasts and wear a bra almost all the time. Ad far as your parents go, be honest with them saying that you feel the need to wear because of the increase in breast size and it makes you comfortable.

As far as the public is concerned, most will not even notice, even when you wear a fairly tight tee.  Women, more than men will notice but usually will not say anything.  You just have to develop a thicker skin about wearing.

For similar men who wear bras, google this "Men Wear Bras"

Also go to "Using a Bra" in the Acceptance section of this site.


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