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Does Insurance ever pay for the surgery?  My son is 17 in a week or so.  1.5 years ago he went on a diet and lost almost 100 lbs.  He is now in the normal weight range for his height.  He's 6 ft.  He still thinks he needs to lose 30 more lbs so that he can lose his breasts.  HE's had them since about age 8.  He wears spandex all seasons under all clothes.  He hates his body and is very self concious..of course kids are cruel.  HE played basketball and baseball one year and there were enough comments that he never played again.  I don't want that for him but we have 8 children and I just don't see how we'd ever raise that kind of money ..especially with college coming up in less than two years.  Any advice?  He's a gorgeous kid (i'm not prejudiced in the least) and girls all think he's cute but He says, If they only saw me without my shirt it would be very different story.  That breaks my heart. 


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There have been some cases where IC's will pay for GRS. However, the sufferer must meet a long list of criteria to qualify for surgery. Basically the prospective GRS patient gets 'put through the grinder', so to speak. You would be better off taking out a small personal loan and pay it back over 5 years or so... Let's say, hypothetically, that tyler's GRS cost you $8,000. That's just a little over $4 a day over the 5 year loan term. Couldn't you handle $4 a day to free your son of the Gynecomastia curse?

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