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"Normal" is a tricky thing.  In healthcare something like 20% of the population has 80% of the expenditures...

If you line up 1 million men by breast size you will find a a normal distribution curve with some kind of idealized flatness down at the bottom 2.5% of population and HH or thereabouts on the other end, the large 2.5%.  The idealized "flatness" is no more normal or less normal than HH cup breasts. 

I really like your use of statistics here.  The standard deviation model probably wouldn't work for the poster who is using the "Locker room model". 

I've been in my share of locker rooms, i know how the distributions really run. 

Looking at the median breast size of 1 million men lined up would give us a better indication of what is "most common" - a common definition of what many people think of as "normal".  However, using the "Locker room model", we are probably most likely going to see an uneven distribution of people who fall on the lower, more cosmetically desirable end of the curve.  This is due to the fact that the ones who feel their breasts are "too large" are most likely to change quickly, turn their backs, or take other measures to conceal their chests in the locker room.

In any case, this is a very interesting conversation and I am enjoying reading people's responses.



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and my point was still there's a commonsense meaning in gyne contexts which most people understand.  i've been in my share of locker rooms, i know how the distributions really run.  if gyne is more prevalent than it used to be, which i think it is, i've argued there are reasons in the modern corporate-shaped diet that make it that way.  if some are at peace with that, good for them. 


Hi Headheldhigh,

A locker room doesn't give you any idea "how the distributions really run".  I go to nudist clubs.  The distribution of gyne is more realistically represented.  Nobody there is afraid of being seen, gyne or otherwise.  The fearful folks are not staying away.  The locker rooms when I was growing were certainly the most terrifying places where a guy with gyne was going to be harassed, or at least fear that they would be.  Nudist clubs are the  safe places.  I can watch the same guys aging too, and observe new growth each year that wasn't there the year before for many and the same with teen onset.  So yeah, with dozens of medications, changes of hormones, and gaining weight lots of guys grow bigger breasts after 40 or so.

The imaginary idealized FLAT chest that would satisfy almost everybody seeking surgery almost doesn't exist in a non selective environment, one that doesn't scare guys away because they fear they are not flat enough to show their chests.  That creates an artificial environment in with most people above the 15th percentile or so will be very likely to not show up.  Many that need the gym the most will never show up there because of unhappiness with their body not looking good enough to go to the gym to shape up.

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I tried to be normal once. It was so boring that I went back to being me.


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