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i want to bye a new mobil phone and im not sure what to bye any suggestion ???

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Well i'm not sure how things are in sweden, but in the states there are tons of choices for mobile (cell phones).

A lot of people who have bad credit or don't want a monthly bill or contract will get a 'pay as you go' phone like virgin mobil or trac phone like my gf has. Its hard to say if its worth it or not, no bills are nice but in the end you might be paying a bit more.

Otherwise, Sprint makes good phones and their service is pretty decent. My friend has had a ton of sprint phones, the new color screen ones are nice. One of the older models he had was literally as thick as a CD, really light and portable.

Nextel is probably the best is the USA, i used to sell phones for them and most businesses who rely on wireless communication use nextel simply because its the best quality for service and clarity. The two way radio option they have is nice too, and they were one of the first to utilize that feature. However, the price you play clearly reflects that.

Camera phones are fun, too. I've had a chance to play with some of my friends and they are pretty neat, but not worth it if you are gonna barely use it.

Newer phones also are starting to switch to higher output sound cards, so any ring tones you have will be clearer.

So just look around, see which one suits you the best and importantly get a good plan for your phone.

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