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A CCTV system should be installed and designed by professionals to be effective. Selection of CCTV includes many technical terms such as interlacing, progressive scan, spatial resolution, and camera types. Most common closed circuit televisions available in the market are CCTV for basic monitoring, identification security camera, and high resolution security systems. Good security camera system will give best value for money without compromising on the quality. As there are numerous types of CCTV available in the market, it will be little bit difficult to figure out which ones will meet specific requirements. It is to be recalled that CCTV camera is a long term investment and customers should discuss these issues with a knowledgeable technician. Some of the reasons for installing CCTV system are shop theft, house break-in, industrial espionage, and monitoring of remote and unattended site. They are mainly intended to protect home and workplace from anti social elements.
Primary Things to Consider before Installing CCTV system
  • Type of CCTV camera
  • How will we monitor the system?
  • Do we need network access and cabling?


Color CCTV generally requires higher level of lighting than black and white cameras. Most CCTV DVR’s have composite video output which can be viewed on standard TV monitors. They provide remote access via the internet. It is very easy to install CCTV cables and no technical skills are required. Selecting most suitable CCTV camera is a compromise between quality, area of coverage and overall budget. A skilled technician will be able to able to explain the differences between different kinds of CCTV to customers.



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