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Title: gland?
Post by: tim77 on July 01, 2006, 12:38:51 PM
hi everyone.

i've seen a lot of people mention having a gland, or a gland removed. how do I know what to look for to see if this is me too?

my doctor said that there doesn't seem to be breast tissue, just fat. but I don't trust him completely as it's not his field of expertise.

i've lost a lot of weight, and still have some to lost, but there's been no reduction at all in my chest. and of course losing weight makes it look more obvious.

i want to go to poland for lipo, but would like to be better informed of what to look for in terms of gland stuff.

also i've never felt pain, my nipples aren't hard and nothings tender. not sure if that matters.

Title: Re: gland?
Post by: who123 on July 01, 2006, 01:17:55 PM
Breast tissue or as we refer to it "gland" feels much harder then fat. It may be right under the areola and nipple area and expand out wards into the chest. Feels like a round lump for some that pushes out the areola, giving the puffy look to the areola and nipple area.

If you grab fat, it does not hurt, but if you grap or push inwards against the gland it might hurt a bit. It is sensitive to touch for some.

That is the best way I can explian it.
Title: Re: gland?
Post by: tim77 on July 02, 2006, 11:59:57 AM
thank you. yes, this is a hard thing to describe. it's not like you can feel people on the web! but i can't feel anything specific. if i had to try and describe it, it feels like my entire 'breast' is a hill, with maybe a shallower centre. that sounds just odd when i try to describe it!

but mine don't hurt at all, so hopefully it is just fat.
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