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Title: Need Help Guys!
Post by: nothingworse on October 23, 2005, 05:59:03 PM
Okay, first off I have a little higher bodyfat but, I am at the correct weight for my height. I am 150 pounds at 5'10". The only thing besides my gyne is I have excess body fat on my lower stomach, lower back, and love handles. I am getting gyne surgery in 11 days and I have a mild case so it will probably turn out well. Anyways I am having a hard time losing that fat down there. I pretty much need help. Hopefully someone can give me a good answer on what to do. I just can't lose this fat. I went down from 170 to 150 and it only shrunk a little and once I get my gyne surgery this area will show a bit and I wan't to shrink it down to have a nice even toned body. Guys can you please help. Knightrider and you other guys should know. I have been thinking the only way to do this is to do 30 miles of cardio a week and just eat lean and do this for about 6-12 weeks to lose the problem areas. Any idea on how long it will take to lose these excess bulges? To give you an idea I have about 2 inches of excess fat around my lower abdomen area to around my back. Let me know. Thanks
Title: Re: Need Help Guys!
Post by: Worrier on October 27, 2005, 07:30:13 PM
Yeah a combination of weight lifting and cardio is best, as well as a good diet. No junk food ;DI tend to a variety of things during the week
     With cardio  do what suits you cycling swimming etc. I personally go road running  three times a week. It's great to get out in the fresh air  as the weather is good where Iam even at this time of year. I also do interval training as I need to get my running times down. But you don't really need to do that as it is not very pleasant, esp if you have just had something to eat ;D
      I didn't notice the fat going until I started running three miles.
       Boxing is good as well, sparring for three rounds will get that fat off believe me.
       weight training I tend to do lowish weights and highish reps as apparently you burn more fat that way.
I use free weights at a gym but I think machines are okay in one of those flashy gyms if you just want to tone up.
         well when i started all this I lost weight quite quikly as I had a lot to loose. But I had those stubborn areas like lower abdomen chest and it took two months before things stopped jiggling about as much and tightened up. I have kept this up for four months now and the fat is almost gone.  

Good luck nothing worse.Your wize getting a good regime going as after the surgery you want to mae the most of yourself.
Title: Re: Need Help Guys!
Post by: nothingworse on November 01, 2005, 04:04:39 PM
See the thing is I don't have excess weight to lose. Just the inches around the lower abdomen hips and sides. They don't jiggle much either. I also have minor scoliosis but, that doesn't matter much. I am going to do yoga to straighten it out a bit later on. I definetely need to change my diet and I know what to do. And I understand that pushing your cardio out longer is what really burns the fat off. Walking is the best and you can lose quite a bit of fat. You can lose about a half a pound of fat a day by walking 7 hours and eating healthy but, lower calories. I would try that out but, that is a bit much. See my waist size is 32 and that makes me seem skinny but, I got a little excess fat. I think when I lose those excess inches I will have probably a 28-30 waist. Also, when I was about 12 I had gyne but, I was really lean almost no excess bodyfat anywhere and I had a four pack and I worked on my abs now an extra 2 years strengthen and ripping them so once I lose the excess fat and get down to about 10% bodyfat I should have a six pack and obliques. And once I get the surgery this friday I will have satisfied myself knowing that I am all I can be. I am not looking for perfection but, I want to look good for me and for others. Thanks guys
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