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Title: Surgery with Dr katarzyna clark-ostrowska 12/6/2017
Post by: thejackal1 on June 11, 2017, 02:52:26 PM
Currently lying in the Hotel Atrium watching some Netflix and thought I would write a few words. Booked with -- 6 weeks ago. First class communication, paid the deposit and they booked transfers and hotel. Received a very explanitive email 7 days before giving me more than adaquate detail of everything inc transfers and schedule. Hotel is very clean and comfortable 👍 Getting bloods and stuff done in the morning then surgery in the afternoon.

Had gyno since 15 (34 now) when I used to wrap sellotape around my chest when wearing t-shirts. Guess I just learned to live with it. My weight spiralled to 22 stone and I couldn't have cared less but 10 years ago I got off my ass and started training. Got down to 13st 8 in less than a year BMI under 25 is what the surgeon requested  and NHS stop funding Ops lol

Looked into Dr katarzyna clark-ostrowska back in 2009 but just didn't have the courage to go through with it. Now 8 years on sitting at 15 stone the gyno has only got worse the more fat I lose! I have good mass in my chest but beneath each pec hangs probably a B cup lol! So finally bit the bullet and just booked the surgery. Have sent pics and have consultation tomorrow but watch this space I have seen posts that Dr Clark has removed 1kg gland each side before so will be interested to see what is lurking under there and what she recommends due to possibility of excess skin.

Still don't feel comfortable putting before pics up but that may change after tomorrow when I finally get rid of something that effects my life every day! Not really worried about indentations or scaring (if really bad nothing a tasteful chest tattoo won't sort out) just want to be able to wear a nice fitted t-shirt and appreciate all my hard work and effort losing the weight!

Will update tomorrow 👍

Title: Re: Surgery with Dr katarzyna clark-ostrowska 12/6/2017
Post by: gregory34 on June 12, 2017, 02:58:09 AM
Best of luck mate, I had the surgery last week and I feel so good knowing that the gyno is gone. 
Let us all know how the procedure goes and how much it has cost you financially.
Title: Re: Surgery with Dr katarzyna clark-ostrowska 12/6/2017
Post by: thejackal1 on June 12, 2017, 05:20:06 AM
Got a phone call at 8 from Tomek saying to meet him at 8.50 in reception to get bloods done. Real nice guy not a bell end like some people seem to write up and his driving was fine lol

Blood clinic was quick, very clean and painless I nearly passsed out last year in my GP treatment room last time I had blood taken lol

Getting collected at 2.10 for to go for ultrasound then clinic. As I say very impressed with organisation and ease so far. Was back in time for a nice breakfast at the hotel as well 👍
Title: Re: Surgery with Dr katarzyna clark-ostrowska 12/6/2017
Post by: thejackal1 on June 13, 2017, 08:07:09 AM
Thats me back at the hotel after spending the night in clinic. Had consultation with Dr Clark then surgery at about 4. Woke up at around 6 feeling out of my tree lol asked how long I was out and they said near 2 hours! Got helped into the side ward by 2 nurses who wrapped me up for a nice snooze 👍 Woke up about 8 ish and the nite nurse was on. Absolutely lovely woman who made me some nice frankferts, cheese, bread and some salad which hit the spot. Just chilled watching iPad for a few hours. Not in any pain just a bit uncomfortable nurse gave me painkillers and sleeping tablet at around 12 and I slept all night!

Was out of bed last night for a piss and the up this morning to get dressings changed and drains out. I am really happy with the results my chest is unrecognisable 😁👍and Dr Clark says it will only get better. She said it was one of the hardest cases she has done that's why it took 2 hours she said the gland was very thick and had tailed quite far. She is very happy with what she seen this morning and says looking very good.

So far so good cannot speak highly enough about her and the clinic! Very nice woman who makes you feel very calm and doesn't rush anything and explains everything in great detail and the nurses are first class!

will update tomorrow when I get dressing changed and get ready to fly home on Thursday
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