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Title: Growth Concerns
Post by: steven618 on December 10, 2015, 04:32:57 PM
I am 29 years old and newly engaged. While my now fiance is more than accepting of everything and incredibly wonderful and loving in all ways imaginable. Me wearing a bra just isn't something she's about. I have worn them before (barely there style thats concealable) and long as i tell her im wearing one she doesn't mind, just doesn't want to be off guard about it which i understand. I am not overweight at all, quite the contrary at about 10% BF. But for whatever reason my chest grows in spurts and randomly. I have been more than ok with it cause i accept me for me, and know I'm not doing anything to induce it to happen. I have seen my GP and Endo and they cannot find a single reason for breast tissue to grow. Last year it began growing and started off small and now I can pretty easily fill a 36a bra that I wear at work and when running due to the physical activity of both work and exercise to keep my breasts stable. 
Concern is, with no real reason being found, and my breasts somehow growing, i am starting to be a bit self concious cause of its noticability and obviousness in shape and contour under my shirts. Is there any advice in talking ot my fiance in letting me wear bras more regularly. I think she doesn't mind now cause of its rarity of me wearing one, only when they grow a lil and are sore do i wear one usually. But now with them getting to a volume of consistent motion without one i just feel embarrassed letting them bounce around. But even more embarrassed asking my fiance if she's okay with her man wearing a bra more regularly :(
Title: Re: Growth Concerns
Post by: TigerPaws on December 11, 2015, 03:23:43 PM
Before you go very much further you should see and Endocrinologist and have some blood work done. It is very rare for breasts to simply grow on their own, there is usually an underlying cause.

After you have some information as to why your breasts are growing you will have a better idea as to how to proceed, but first please get to the appropriate medical professional.

As for your Lady, if you are serious about her invite her along to see an Endocrinologist, it may allow her to better understand why you are developing breasts and that over 1/3 of the men world wide have the same issue. If she is put off by the idea than maybe you could reconsider the Lady you have invested your time, effort and emotions on.
Title: Re: Growth Concerns
Post by: steven618 on December 14, 2015, 11:35:19 AM
Thanks always appreciate the inight you give on this site so appreciate your time to respond. 
Obviously theres a reason i just dont know what it is i have seen an endo and my gp and bloodwork came back fine t was a lil low but they said not low ebough to be worried over or that would be sprouting breasts.  I know they are not right a lot from what i hear so im def thinking of getting another opinion soon as o find a specialist who knows what to look for.
And i know my t is low with low libido breast growth skin ialways very soft and have erectile issues. Just unsure why i know its there and they cant find it. 
My fiance is fine with my wearing a bra if i let her know ahead of time. I got barely there bras not lije they are pushups or frilly just something to blend in and not show and keep me from jigglin and bouncing.
And i know they say 1/3 get it but it seems to be in adolescents or 65+ men and if they get it it seems to be slight growth maybe a lil curve or padding but jot noticeable breasts so being 29 im just wondering why im developing and growing. I was fine with it but now im getting a bit insecure
Title: Re: Growth Concerns
Post by: TigerPaws on January 23, 2016, 01:27:57 PM
There are numerous reasons, knowing that you have low levels of Testerone is a start but there is more, much more. ED can be a byproduct of low Testerone but there are also numerous other reasons and many are cumlitave so as the old saying goes "when you hear hoofbeats you think of horses but it could be Zebra's".

Genetics also plays a major factor, look ito your family history both mother's and father's to see if Gyneocomastia has ever been an issue.

Only you know what you are feeling in your chest, itching, tingling, general soreness or a tightness under you nipple are common signs of breast gland growth. A physican my not be able to feel the gland but you should if you have one. Then again you might be presisposed to building Aptos fat deposits in and around your breasts.

The possibilities are endless. Also accept the possibility that you may never know what the actual cause is, medicine is still more art then science.
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