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Title: Surgery end of May. Managing expectations
Post by: Pearlsnap on May 04, 2012, 01:19:44 AM
Hey guys. Im having surgery at the end of May with Dr Jacobs. Im trying to manage my expectations for short term results but I havent really found anything that addresses it.

I have what he called class IIA gyne, which is moderate with no excess skin. I anticipate there will be some swelling for months and I understand I wont see the full results for 6 months or so. But with the compression vest being removed heading into July, can I reasonably expect my chest to look significantly better after 4-6 weeks than before the surgery - even with the swelling?

If i wear a polo or t shirt now, you can definitely see the gyne...sort of like it comes to a point. So after surgery in 4 - 6 weeks does that "point" go away and will it look better even with the avg swelling that occurs?

Title: Re: Surgery end of May. Managing expectations
Post by: greatlakes on May 04, 2012, 10:50:00 AM
It is really impossible to say how much swelling you will have, or how quickly you will see results. Everyone and body is different. I seem to read nice feedback from the guys that use Jacobs.

I do think it is best to keep low expectations for the first 3 months. But ya never know - there are guys and photos posted who look amazing within a week and stay that way. Others like me are taking a long route after surgery and waiting to see if the results come in (I hope so).

I have notable swelling and still have gyno appearances at 5 weeks. I ditched the vest at 3-4 weeks, but I have a variety of compression shirts I am wearing that make me look okay (better than before surgery). I have heavy dress compression undershirts for work, and I also have lighter tank compression shirts (wife beaters) than go nicely under a polo or T-shirt on the weekends. Therefore while I am still healing I am okay with how I look in any type of shirt - by wearing different types of compression undershirts.

I don't know what that classification means he gave you "IIA".   Are you having lipo and tissue removal? Under the nipple ? Whats the plan?
Title: Re: Surgery end of May. Managing expectations
Post by: Pearlsnap on May 05, 2012, 03:47:09 PM
I'm having lypo and possibly he will cut open under the nipple to remove something if he feels it's necessary. I believe Dr Jacobs uses his own tool that he invented that removes the glandular tissue along with fat at the same time. I'd hate to quote him wrong on that but i think his website explains it. Basically I am just trusting in that he knows what he's doing. I didnt ask many questions. After reading this site ill have more for him next time i see him. I also feel like I have a good shot at healing well and fast since Im not overweight and in good health/youngish.

 I can handle swelling in the short term as long as it still looks better than it does now.

Congrats to you on your surgery. Already five weeks out must feel good and you'll be ready to fully enjoy the nice weather.   
Title: Re: Surgery end of May. Managing expectations
Post by: greatlakes on May 05, 2012, 06:18:24 PM
Sorry to stray off topic, but you got me curious with your mention of the classification. Googling it found this.

Another classification described by Simon in 1973 groups the patients into categories according to the size of the gynecomastia.[10] Group 1 is minor but visible breast enlargement without skin redundancy. Group 2A is moderate breast enlargement without skin redundancy. Group 2B is moderate breast enlargement with minor skin redundancy. Group 3 is gross breast enlargement with skin redundancy that simulates a pendulous female breast. Patients in groups 1 and 2 require no skin excision, but the breast development associated with group 3 is so marked that excess skin must be removed.
Title: Re: Surgery end of May. Managing expectations
Post by: greatlakes on May 05, 2012, 06:23:46 PM
I remain hopeful that by the height of summer time (12-14 weeks post op), I will have achieved my reasonable expectations on my chest appearance - and can go shirtless at beach or pool with only minor uncomfortableness.

You choose an experienced expert doctor for this procedure. That certainly won't be a concern for you pre- or post op. Some of us who are delayed in healing in getting results - sometimes doubt our choice in doctor.
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