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Post by: M4RC on February 05, 2010, 08:23:55 AM
Hey guys! I'm 21 and thankfully I don't have gynecomastia (thought I did at one point but was ruled out) fortunately/unfortunately when I'd gained weight I'd gained alot in my chest however its hereditary - when my dad started getting a gut the manboobs also started, as with me. I still lift weights however lacked cardio/strict nutrition and hated my body was just too lazy to do anything about it. Would always wear button up shirts with a tight singlet to try hold my gut/manboobs in then thought of trying a compression vest and went with the Design Veronique compression vest here:

So now my goal is to eat better/work out alot more BUT I got the vest so I could feel confident while I did it since I've got school/work etc and was really self conscious about them. Thought I'd share my review and just say that its excellent, I honestly reckon its made them about 70% less noticeable and I can wear t-shirts/polo shirts again :) Keep in mind I didn't try any other compression vests just the Design Veronique one but I'm really glad I got a great one to start off with. If you guys want me to post pictures of me with/without the vest just ask!

Hope this helps :D (I have no affiliation with Design Veronique they were just the only vest I'd tried but did notice a big difference)
Post by: digitalgod on February 10, 2010, 02:20:40 AM
i'm using one of these vests too as a post-surgery compression vest.
Not bad at all...but to anyone with gynecomastia: its no substitute for surgery!
Post by: ddh on March 08, 2010, 01:00:38 PM
My surgeon gave me two black Design Veronique zip up compression garments (with short sleeves) to wear.

I'm really pleased with them. I can wear just a T-shirt over it and the only hint that I'm wearing something under the T-shirt is the small bump that appears over the zipper pull. But even that just looks like I'm wearing a pendant or something around my neck.

I've been wearing the vests for almost 3 weeks and no one has noticed a thing! After the first couple of days, I'm not even aware that I'm wearing the vest.
Post by: F-NIch on March 12, 2010, 02:44:13 PM
My doctor found out that I wasn't healing as fast cause I have an odd shaped body and the vest I got wasn't very tight even on it's tightest setting.  So I came here, saw this post and was going to order one but found out the factory is only 25 minute drive from my house so I called them and went in for a fitting.

The lady who helped me was so super nice.  We thought I would need a large or extra large since I'm a bigger guy (I'm not fat though) and it turned out I needed a medium!!!!  So I've been wearing it all day and can tell a HUGE difference when wearing this and give it way two thumbs up.  My swelling has gone down a little and it's not as bulky as my other vest and I can wear a t shirt and no one notices it at all.  It looks like a wife beater (I hate that term but that's what people know them as)

So yeah, it's a pain getting off but not on but you should only be taking it off once a day anyway.  This is such a great garment!
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