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Title: Revision Post-Op Thoughs - Had my revision feb 13th
Post by: rowdy99 on February 01, 2008, 07:54:52 AM
Can anyone who has had a revision tell me about their post-op after the revision surgery was done??

I am schedule for a minor revision, my surgeon is taking a bit of breast tissue out from under my left nipple.

Any advice, personal experience, thoughts on recovery, etc. would really be greatly appreciated. 

Title: Re: Revision Post-Op Thoughs
Post by: bob7375 on February 03, 2008, 11:20:09 AM
hi, i had a revision on friday. i had a local and was very surprised how uncomfortable it was. if you can afford it go for the general. i have hardly any discomfort at all now, i am really surprised that i feel this good, after my first surgery i was very sore for over a month and even after three months i could feel it, especially driving in my cqar, going over a bump was bad. best of luck, let me know how it goes for you  my email is if you have any questions
Title: Had revision Feb 13th
Post by: rowdy99 on February 18, 2008, 04:20:59 AM
Had my revision 5 days ago.  My surgeon took out about an egg size breast tissue. 

The surgery only took about 20 minutes, it was a bit strange being awake for it, but not a worry.  I could feel a bit of tugging but that was it.

Although still covered in a bandage, it looks way better and was a bit sore to begin but really has been way better and comfortable than I expected.

Icing it lots and sitting on the couch helps!

Any other questions I am here to help others who are goining through a revision.
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