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I'm sure this has been asked multiple times, but in searching the forum, I couldn't find this answer.  Are drains used more often in more severe cases of gynecomastia than less severe cases?  Is there any rhyme or reason as to using/not using them other than surgeon preference?  I'm moving forward with the procedure but my thoughts keep on going toward tubes.  Clearly not a deciding factor, but a component of my thought process.


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Some surgeons use drains routinely; others, like myself, use them only rarely.  It boils down to the surgeon's experiences and preferences.  There is no right or wrong -- and the use of drains should be regarded as a minor and temporary inconvenience during the recuperation from gyne surgery.

Speaking for myself, the decision to use drains does not depend on the severity of the problem.  Rather, it is used if there is some suspicion of possible bleeding after surgery.

This is best discussed with your surgeon prior to surgery so that you would know of his philosophy towards the use of drains.  You can also get an idea of how long he would usually keep them in place, etc.

Good luck!

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